About me

I am a 17-year-old Canadian social media marketer, Im a high-up at the Gateway Agency and have an Instagram theme page network of over 6,000,000 followers. I started running Instagram accounts in the 6th grade at age 12, I am now a senior in high school and have grown many brands, artists and crypto/NFT projects. My agency specializes in Instagram and TikTok marketing, we offer many services ranging from celebrity marketing & endorsements, to verification and press publication.

I can lock you in Spotify campaigns boosting your songs to hundreds of thousands of streams.

I can provide you with high-quality social media mentorship or management to make sure you grow at an incredible speed.

I can organize endorsements with celebrities in your niche to grow your following in pinpointed marketing.

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Ask me anything or just say hi, I’m always ready to work with more people and help build your profile and reputation to your vision. Contact me below.