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What I offer

Spotify Playlisting

Get featured on a network of 40 playlists with 500,000+ organically grown followers.

  • Multiply your fanbase through targeted playlists
  • Increase your presence drastically in Spotify's algorithm
  • Get payed out and receive awards
  • Starts at $199

SoundCloud Growth

Get advertised over an Instagram network of of over 3,500,000+ rap interested followers.

  • Watch your songs soar in attention
  • Start getting your music pushed out naturally by SoundCloud's algorithm
  • Receive payouts
  • Starts at $199

YouTube Music Video Growth

Have your music video promoted over TikTok and Instagram growing it to new heights.

  • Skyrocket your video's views and engagement
  • Gain overnight social proof and dominate YouTube's recommendation feed
  • Receive payouts & subscriber plaques
  • Starts at $249

And much more.

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Spotify Playlisting

Gain organic targeted streams done purely through my network of playlists.

SoundCloud Growth

Grow your SoundCloud presence through ads on Instagram.

YouTube Music Video Marketing

Increase eyes on your music video through TikTok.

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